6 Figure Amazon Private Label

Michael Wishko
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Do you want to start an income stream that can  earn you 6 Figures per year and make Financial Freedom a reality?

What's Inside: 5 Hours of Video Showing Step-by-Step How to Create your own Amazon Business

With content added quarterly to stay up-to-date with current market trends, Amazon policies and new sales strategy at absolutely no additional cost.

Why I Started an Amazon FBA Business

>  Have you ever sat at another day at your job and thought, "Is this really it?"

"Does life begin and end with someone else creating my schedule?" 

>  For me, that background feeling became overwhelming the random work day I went to a Doctor's appointment.  

>  During the 30 minute physical, I had 5 missed calls and 2 voicemails from two bosses wondering where I was because a delivery due date was that afternoon.

>  I realized that day, the same cringe feeling I had when asking if I could go to the bathroom in elementary school was back. 

>  I didn't have control over the majority of my day... and that shit bothered me.

>  I vowed that day to build something of my own that took my freedom of time back.

> After the "how to make money online" Google search, I eventually found Amazon FBA

What drew me in about Amazon FBA was the ability to scale a business without going out and finding client-by-client OR running expensive Facebook Ads.  It checked all the boxes.

After a weeks of being ready and doing nothing, I finally took action. 6 months my first sale, I walked away from my 9-5 for good.

All You Need to Get Started

1. Internet Connection

2. Consistent Daily Action

3. Capital to fund the first inventory order ($1-5k)

Guys and Girls like yourself are using the course to start and make sales everyday. All in a matter of weeks!

Amazon FBA is a Proven Business Model

💰 Can Transform Your Life in as Little as 6 Months

I am not going to insult your intelligence by giving you the typical "Amazon Guru" sales pitch with insane promises and a course price rivaling that of a used car. BUT, this course will show you how to start and operate a quickly profitable Amazon business based on the real world experience of a current Amazon seller.

 💰 You do not need any prior business or sales experience.

I was a CPA in my past life and had no e-Commerce or Amazon selling experience before I took the plunge.  All you need is the right attitude and just a bit of time!

💰 The best way to succeed is to see what's already working.

Amazon is a huge market, don't try and reinvent the wheel.  Take a proven model and replicate it.

💰 The most exciting part of owning an Amazon FBA business?

Once set up, Amazon handles the fulfillment process so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the payments coming in while you LIVE YOUR LIFE!

The method taught in this course allowed me to build a 6 Figure Business and Quit my Job after 6 months of Selling on Amazon... the fun has only continued since.

What's Included:

💰 5 Hours of High Value content showing you how to go from Zero to 6 Figures in One Year

💰 Product Research Vetting Template

💰 Templates for Contacting Suppliers & Getting Reviews

💰 Discount links to any Amazon Service Provider You Need

The Course Is Structured in the Following Sections:


1. Basics & Account Set Up (Including International Sellers)

2. Product Research (2022Enhanced)

3. Product Sourcing

4. Product Design

5. Product Listing

6. LAUNCH Strategy for 2022 and Beyond

7. Amazon PPC Advertising & Marketing

8. Building a Brand that Can be Sold

9. Ongoing Listing and Account Maintenance


More of What the Students are Saying

It's Time You Make Your Move

Invest in Yourself Today

A one-time investment to a proven model.

Once inside and watching the course, shoot me an email and let me know how it's going.  I'm more than excited for you to start your journey. 

See you inside!

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6 Figure Amazon Private Label

22 ratings
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